The TOP 3 Distinctions with Mark Shapiro

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“Very few people are born as natural leaders. Most people make a choice to step into it.”

What do you do once you’ve mastered your work? You teach and pass it on to others.

That’s what Michael Strasner is currently all about.

He’s a trainer, coach, and best selling author that has worked for more than 30 years on helping others change their lives through transformational work. But now he’s getting to the point where he feels called to turn over the reigns to others to continue his work and go beyond what he’s done. His mission for his work at this time is to teach, mentor, and raise up the leaders of tomorrow through his training and his new book, Mastering Leadership: Shift The Drift and Change The World.

If you’re ready to step up and acquire the distinctions of true leadership, tune in to Episode 201 of Are You Being Real. Michael and Mark go into what it means to ‘be who you truly are,’ the top 3 distinctions from his book that influence authenticity, why Michael is working to create leaders, and his advice on living a life of self-worth.

NOTE: This is Michael’s 3RD appearance on Are You Being Real! Check out Episode 22 and Episode 45 for more!
Show Notes:

-Michael’s biggest challenge at this moment.

-Michael’s take on what it means to ‘be who you truly are.’

-3 key leadership distinctions from his new book that support authenticity.

-Why Michael is working on creating leadership in others.

-What it takes to have a life of ‘self-worth’.

-Michael’s final words of wisdom on what life is all about.


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