Todd J. Weinstein, Esq.
Del Shaw Moonves Tanaka Finkelstein & Lezcano

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mastering Leadership to all who seek massive results and the desire to live an extraordinary life. Michael is the quintessential example of integrity, purpose, vision, and commitment and he has inspired countless people who have a thirst for becoming leaders and creating tremendous results in their lives. I am thrilled for all who read this book. To have the opportunity to see the world through Michael’s lens has personally inspired me to live a more loving, abundant, and results-driven life, or as Michael says: “a life worth living.”



Alex Arriaga
Co-Founder of Kensington Investment Fund

Michael, I want to acknowledge you because you are a blessing and inspiration to this world. You inspired me to open my heart to be a vulnerable, loving and connected man. You are a great leader and an amazing mentor.  The way you support people in this world by living the distinctions of leadership is unprecedented.  What a blessing your book is going to be for every reader.



Randy Kamen, Ed.D. Psychologist, Educator
Author of Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life

Michael Strasner helped me to transform my own leadership abilities personally and professionally. He’s guided me and many others to confront our fears and take on the critic within. The result of Michael’s leadership training has been about uncovering what really matters the most to me, learning how to access my inner strength and courage, and to make choices that align with my highest values.

Michael’s kind and generous heart along with his commitment to personal growth and leadership continues to inspire me. Mastering Leadership is the embodiment of Michael’s voice and the powerful experiences, insight and lessons he shares.



Dr. Wynn S. Sanders (Lt Colonel, USAF)
Founder, Cambridge Street Ventures

As an engineer and former military officer, I spent most of my life learning to be analytical and logical. With Michael’s coaching, I gained the tools to make choices based on who I say I am and how I want to live my life, guided not by the daily noise of life or the opinions of others, but rather by my most deeply held values to pursue life fully and freely. I founded a venture firm, co-created one of the world’s best distilleries and fell in love with the most loving and generous woman I have ever known, creating a relationship that I always longed for but had never been able to obtain.


Mark Shapiro
TEDx: The Art of Authentic Connection In A Digital World

Michael Strasner is a master coach and facilitator, Jedi of transformation, and leader of leaders. As a podcaster, speaker and coach, I’ve had the good fortune of learning from Michael and practicing his signature leadership distinctions over the last five years, which has helped me clarify my vision, smoothly navigate challenges, and maximize my impact on others. If you’re looking for tangible tools that will support you in being a leader in life and work, Michael’s books will be a staple in your toolbox.


Natalie Jill
Natalie Jill Fitness

Michael is a master leader and working with him has taught me to see things differently, through a clearer lens. I’ve learned to communicate with intention, to create deeper relationships with others, to examine my  own patterns in what’s holding me back. Choosing to stand up in The Drift and show people what it means to go all in and change the world makes for a more fulfilling life for all of us.


Preston Smiles
best-selling author of Love Louder

The difference Michael Strasner has made in my life is monumental in that he was one of the first people to give me feedback around community and what was actually possible in my leadership. He showed me that I was playing the game unconsciously and thinking there was only so much energy to go around. I was keeping people at arm’s distance who were close to me and making it more about the mission and ‘saving’ the world but missing that the world was right there in front of me and with me every single day in the trenches.


Brad Blanton, Ph.D
Author of Radical Honesty


Living on the Skinny Branches is an opportunity to rediscover the joy and passion of your youth by taking courageous action now to transform your life and the world around you.

Lewis Howes
Host of The School of Greatness Podcast and Entrepreneur California

2014 Lewis Howes

Michael is one of the most powerful leaders in transformation I’ve ever met. The bigger our dreams and goals the more potential adversity comes our way.  If you are looking to take your relationships, health, and personal power to the next level, then look no further than Michael’s books and Michael Strasner.

Wayne Carlson
Professor of Design
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Dean of Undergraduate Education
The Ohio State University

Job # 100843
Wayne Carlson, Office of Enrollment Services
The Ohio State University
Photo by J. Kevin Fitzsimons

When I looked to enroll in training to enhance my leadership skills, I didn’t want just another motivational trainer. I wanted someone that could help me with tools to unlock my potential, ignite my passion, and to realize my own vision for my personal and professional life. Michael Strasner quickly proved that he was that person. In living his passion, he helped illuminate the path to discovering my own inner strengths and to leave my comfort zone in order to be the leader that I am capable of being. With his caring, compassionate, and authentic approach to coaching he has provided the guidance that is allowing me to transform and realize the life I truly want to live.

Maria Marin, Bestselling Author, TV and Radio Personality
One of 25 Most Powerful Latinas (People Magazine in Spanish)


I’ve seen Michael Strasner in action and I compare his unique style and infectious energy to the Motivational guru Tony Robbins. Living on the Skinny Branches is a confidence booster for anyone who is committed to producing greater results in their lives. This book will help many people break through their limiting beliefs.
– Florida

Quddus Philippe


Michael Strasner is one of the most generously insightful people I’ve ever known. His mentorship has translated into exponential growth in my life. Michael’s depth of knowledge is vast and he applies it in the most direct and practical way. If you are lucky enough to learn from Michael, it’s highly likely your life will never be the same. Living on the Skinny Branches is a must read.

Chris Lee,
Transformational Trainer, Partner and Entrepreneur


Michael Strasner is the person who trained, developed and mentored me to be where I am today.. Visionary, caring, passionate and committed are just a few words to describe Michael. He is the most extraordinary Coach/Trainer and uses his 30 years of experience to see people’s potential and exactly what stops them. Michael’s book, Living on the Skinny Branches, is a must read.

– Florida

Dr. Ray Blanchard,
Chairman Blanchard Consulting Group, LLC

Michael Strasner is a brilliant and innovative trainer and coach. His approach to transformation work is edgy and incisive, and generates real breakthrough performance. No lip service here, for sure! He connects the transcendent theory to the practical in elegant form that is digestible and powerful.

After many years of witnessing extraordinary change for people who have had the good fortune of experiencing Michael, it is an honor and delight to work with and recommend him. His take on transformation is one that should not be missed.

David Bogaty,
Founder and CEO, Worldnet Telecommunications
2002 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

Michael Strasner is a master of personal growth who teaches what he knows and does it with love. I had lived 25 years with repressed anger, self doubt and no trust. I attribute much of my success as an entrepreneur, a loving father and husband, and my happiness as a person to Michael and his coaching. Now everyone can benefit from his wisdom through his book, Living on the Skinny Branches.
– Puerto Rico

Basil Williams
Mariner Investment Group

Michael Strasner is an inspirational business and life coach. Michael’s approach to dissecting roadblocks and confronting challenges is refreshing and compelling. I always looked forward to our weekly chats as I would gain perspective that at the onset of our relationship was new and different. But, over time, as I embodied his advice, I grew as a manager and more importantly as a person. As a result his prescriptions become second nature to me. That is the mark of a great coach!!

Leslie Anne Ross,
Psy.D Vice President, Leadership Center
Children’s Institute, Inc…

Michael Strasner is an inspired leader and dynamic coach. His unwavering commitment to live his values from a place of integrity and humility have provided a context for my own growth and success as a psychologist and trainer. His work has empowered me to advance in creating hope, healing, and peace for children who have been in harm’s way.
– Los Angeles, California

Paul Tacorian,
President, Tacori Jewelry

I have worked with Michael on both a business and personal transformational journey. The personal transformation has been the most impactful experience I have had so far in my life. To move my business forward, it is critical for all my leaders to experience it for themselves. Thank you Michael.

Jeff Kaye,
Co-CEO, Kaye/Bassman International Corp

Michael Strasner is truly a world class coach, trainer and leader. His ability to “read” someone and then to communicate his perception on how that person “is showing up” to others is unrivaled by anyone I have met in my 25+ year career. As a client it was clear to me that Michael possessed the professional skills needed to challenge, teach, train and question but also the personal traits that reinforced his competency with personal authenticity and caring communication. He challenges people to consider new possibilities in their personal and professional lives and in doing so creates the opportunity for people to close the gap between their potential and their achievement. I am truly grateful for the contributions he has made to my businesses and my life.
– Dallas, Texas

Margo Majdi,
President and Founder of MITT Training
President and Founder of the Torch Foundation

Michael is one of the most exquisite transformational trainers in the world. It has been my privilege to know him for the last 18 years where I have watched him transform thousands of peoples lives in my training center working with students and creating breakthroughs with each one. This book is what every human being on earth has been waiting for, a must read to take your life to the next level and not only discover, but also complete your vision.

Perla Bacahui,
President and Founder of Espacio Vital Global

For me, working with a coach like Michael Strasner has been the best and most valuable experience I’ve had to date. He is a dedicated, loving man with impeccable integrity, but most of all he is the true definition of a leader. He is an excellent example of living the life of a transformed man in all aspects of life. I am truly grateful for his professional expertise.

Roger Morgan,
Director of Mastery In Transformational Training

Michael Strasner is truly a gift to the world and everyone who has worked with him knows this. He is one of the top trainers and coaches in the world and has effectively transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. I have had the privilege of working with Michael for the past 15 years and have witnessed these results personally, as well as my own. His coaching and training techniques stand above the rest. The people who haven’t had the privilege of working with him now get to finally experience the wisdom, the passion, and brilliance of Michael Strasner.  A must read!

Christopher Hawker,
Co-Founder, Next Level Trainings

Michael Strasner is a world class coach and mentor. His influence has been instrumental in my own growth as a trainer, businessman, and human being. I have also witnessed his magic work on others, watching them transform before my eyes. He seems to see with an uncanny clarity what is missing in a person, and then also know what to say in order to cause a shift that forwards them. He does this with extreme rigor, but also with an unmistakable warmth and love.  It is clear that his motives are pure. Michael walks the talk of transformation like none other. I encourage anyone to submit themselves to his ministrations and see what is possible for them if they embrace their own possibility of greatness.

Rock W. Onstad,
Attorney, US Marine Corps Captain

Michael’s facilitating my transformational training blew me away and gave me the tools for change and to truly create a life worth living.  His energy, his presence, his total commitment and love for the work and everyone in the training created an environment where I was able to discover and accept who I really was, and he coached me to become the person I really wanted to be.  I got it, as he made clear: I really had sucked the “life out of my wife and children.”  I was indignant to hear that, but came to accept that it was true and that I could change it.  I never thought I wanted to change.  I wanted everyone else to change.  Michael facilitated real change for me that has created relationship with myself, family, and everyone.  Before his work on me began, I was a former Marine Corps pilot, a trial lawyer,  holier than thou, judgmental, bigoted, better than everyone else, control freak.  I was also fortunate to staff a transformational training with him, and continue the journey he put me on.  I thank Michael every day in my thoughts for what he did for me.  I know many others who would have the same story about his impact on them.  To experience Michael, one has to be in one of his transformation trainings, because it is the experience he creates that makes transformation and change likely to happen.

Beth Hollahan,
Owner and Managing Director, MEH Consulting Group

Michael creates champions in business and life. For more than 30 years, he has brought passion, infectious enthusiasm, humor, and commitment to making a difference in others. A devoted father and husband, Michael gives 150 percent to everyone. Let Michael bring out the champion in you as you make your way to the Skinny Branches of your life.
– Singapore and USA

Colleen Haggerty, 44,
Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Bank of America

Having skyrocketed in my political and corporate careers at a relatively young age, it was Michael’s unyielding and passionate coaching style that led me to the other parts of my life I’d been avoiding – intimacy and risk. Michael is truly gifted in using self discovery not only in guiding me to what I needed to work on, but also in my realizing the benefits of doing so, and then knowing he’s right there with me as I explored the skinny branches to rediscover the rest of me and my dreams that had been put neatly away years ago. I found my voice, realized the power of vulnerability, and tapped the electrifying currents of emotional connection with others – all of which led to a significantly happier marriage, reinvigorated personal joy, and multidirectional professional growth that runs deeper as well as higher.
– Los Angeles, California

Teri Balser,
Dean, Science and Engineering, Curtain University

From my time with Michael I have realized potential I never realized I had. I went from a timid deer in the headlights to someone recognized as an international change agent in education. He believed in me. And he challenged me. He was also unafraid to tell me what I needed to hear. He trusted me to either rise, or fold. I have learned powerful lessons as an educator from him. I believe in my students, I love them with all I have, and I see their brilliance – the masterpiece in each one. I won’t stand for them to be anything less than what I know they can be. This is how Michael was for me. And I can honestly say that the lessons I learned from his unconditional love and challenge have not only changed my life but have empowered me to change the lives of thousands around me.

He now and always has my strongest endorsement. Get out on the skinny branches! Make your life mean all that it can!
– Australia

Adriana E. Molina, MS, LMFT,
Steering Committee Chairperson, Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles

Michael Strasner is not just a coach telling others how to improve their life – he is a model for a life of commitment, fulfillment, joy and responsibility. Working with Michael has allowed me to step into leadership from a service perspective and has yielded powerful results personally and professionally. My relationships are authentic and meaningful, my professional opportunities are ever-growing and I choose where I focus my time, energy and resources. Professionally, I am able to listen deeply and partner with diverse groups in order to create a world where every man, woman and child is valued; where children are protected and we all get to live in communities that are healthy and free from violence.

Creighton Burke,
Music Industry Executive

For years I have kept a list.  It’s a list I cherish, and it is filled with those who — in one way or another — have impacted not only my life but whose character makes the world a better place. Michael is a rock star’s rock star.  He is engaging, motivating and extremely insightful. I am a better husband, father, and human because of his wisdom and kindness.  He gives of himself like no other and you, the reader, now have an opportunity to do the same…take it and run like the wind.

Brad Ballard,
Dun & Bradstreet

In this world, it seems as if some people were put on this planet for a specific role. Michael Jordan was born to play basketball, Stevie Wonder was born to sing, and Michael Strasner was born to coach people into their greatness. I’ve never experienced someone who cares more about people and always sees them in their greatness. His ability to identify what is holding people back in their lives, and have them breakthrough all the things that are preventing them from having their dream life, is unprecedented. I’m proud to call Michael my coach, mentor, and friend. Because of his coaching, I have created a crystal clear vision of my passion and purpose, and have taken every relationship I have to the next level. There’s only one way I can repay him for what he’s done for me in my life. It’s to honor him in only way I know he would want me to — to pay it forward to others.
– Los Angeles

Dania Guth,
Broker Associate

I am forever grateful for the stand that Michael was for me in my life! He never gave up on me, even when I wanted to. Twenty-five years later, I am happily married to my soulmate for 20 years and we have three incredible children that continue to amaze me with who they are becoming! I have a successful real estate business and I am living the life I could only dream about as a child. I have deep love and appreciation for myself and I am PRESENT in all of my relationships, whether it be with a family member, friend, client, or person I pass on the streets. I live life with confidence and integrity and I continue to grow and expand each day. I whole-heartedly credit Michael Strasner and the work of transformation for this life and for who I am today.
– Evergreen, Colorado

Julissa Caraballo,
Marketing Manager

Michael’s work has been about the value of  identifying and understanding another person’s feelings, to comprehend another person’s actions and emotions and empathize with their journey and interpretation of life. In order to do so, he has challenged himself to become the best version of a leader with one goal in mind: to serve others. Michael has always been focused on passing along the message of love, leadership, and human transformation. It has been gratifying to witness the lives he has touched along the way, and the empathy that his actions carry in doing so, in such an unselfish, humble, wise way. Taking every step as a new opportunity to grow and acquire more knowledge, but with one purpose only: to share it with the world. It takes courage and inspiration to give yourself unconditionally to others in such an anonymous way.

– San Juan, Puerto Rico

Chris Folkens

Michael Strasner is a phenomenal coach, a giving and humble leader, and a powerful example of what unconditional love and compassion can create in this world. I am deeply moved by his unrelenting commitment to not only the people he works with directly but to his vision for the world as a whole, united in love. I can personally vouch for the impact of his coaching and am deeply honored to call him a mentor and someone I wholeheartedly admire and respect. He is a man who leads with his heart. Michael is the definition of integrity. He has had a profound impact on my life and I will forever be grateful for his contribution to the world.

Matt Pinto,
Radio Play-by-Play Announcer
Oklahoma City Thunder

In my experience Michael Strasner is a profoundly effective transformational trainer because he not only is extraordinary in landing the distinctions of the work, but he does so in a powerfully impactful way that is sustaining. His love of people and making a difference is always present! He is a true light in the world and empowers others to live from their light. A gift to us all.

Ricardo Tirado, Transformational Trainer

Michael has great knowledge on impacting human beings. Thanks to him I found a life worth living, to be the best human being I can be for me and all those around me. I’m very grateful for all his teachings. He taught me to live a full, committed life!

Jeffrey Davis, Esq.,
Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator

Michael is profoundly committed to being with people in a way that has them become capable of creating extraordinary results in their lives, and the lives of those they touch. Michael has the ability to listen to people at the deepest level, hearing not only what they are saying, but also what they are NOT saying, and their underlying internal conversations.  I highly value every interaction I’ve ever had with him, and look forward to more.

Angela Gomez,
Chief Executive Officer, White Buffalo Tribe

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michael Strasner for about 15 years. In my 25-year career I have participated in countless trainings and workshops with fortune 500 companies… none with the results I experienced in Michael’s leadership trainings. In the years I have known Michael he has been a sought-after transformational trainer whose clients seek his advice for relationships, personal matters, finances, and business success. Michael has used his methods, trainings, and programs in transformation work to support people in creating a live worth living. He has successfully contributed to my life and through the trainings, and my family, friends, co-workers, and  mere strangers have all benefited.  Affectionately Michael is known as the “Master Trainer.”  He can create breakthroughs when you don’t think it’s possible, support you in bringing the passion back into your relationships, inspire courage by facing your fears and going for it anyway, and teach you techniques to get your freedom back. I can’t wait for the book and look forward to the empowered leaders it will create.  “I am a Loving, Committed , Freedom, Leader.”

Ivette Rodriguez,
Transformational Leader, Author of “Cuentos de Tu LOCA, Mensajes de Tu SABIA”

For almost thirty years Michael has “rocked the house,” as it were, in the transformational training room. As one of my mentors and partners, I have known him to be that rare combination of immense raw talent and total committment to excellence. Congratulations, Michael, I know you’ll rock this one too. Congratulations, reader, you are about to embark on a journey that–I’m sure–will rock your soul!

Martha Ann Lott,
Retired Judge, Lawyer, Poet, Dressage Rider

Michael Strasner is a powerful, skilled, and intuitive transformational trainer. I would say that he changed my life, but that is not correct. Michael Strasner opened my eyes to the opportunities I have to change my own life and the abilities I have to make that happen. It is with reverence and love that I write this, reverence for the work of transformation, and love for the man who gave me the gift of self-awareness.

Vinicio Almonte,
MD, Certified Trainer of the Basic and Advance Course

Michael has worked hard in the arena of transformation and his book is a contribution to every one committed to make a difference to the present and future generations of mankind. Thank you, master leader, for your time and support.

Mary Jo Lorei,
Stylists-Colorist, Business Owner, Hair Color Educator, Transformational Trainer, Coach

Michael Strasner is the rare combination of talent, skill, vibrancy, and caring. His talents of insight and wisdom are supported by his dedication to learning and development of his guidance and leadership, then packaged in an engaging and uplifting energy so he can deliver on his promise of your life opening to the next level – which he sees for EVERYONE!

As a trainer, Michael was able to inspire me to step into work I needed to do to have the life I wanted, and the structure to see the work through. As a coach, he has the ability to see what I can’t, and then offer active opportunities for me to develop and elevate my abilities to build whatever I choose. His unique gift is he doesn’t implant his vision, he has given the opening for me to see mine and then use what I have to bring it to success. I am also so grateful that he allowed me to enjoy the ride, his joy and humor and love of life is the ripest environment for conducting this kind of change and growth. I will be forever grateful for my healed family, my amazing relationships, my successes in multiple fields, and most of all for experiencing a life fully lived.

Greg Whitehair,
Principal Idea Architect, Whitehair Perspectives LLC

Most of us have had many coaches and trainers, but the truly memorable ones, the transformational guides – like Michael Strasner – manage to inhabit our minds long after the training has ended. At once a comfort and a challenge, Michael’s voice calls me forward daily in every dimension of my life: work, family, and of course relationships – not just with others, but with myself.

Elizabeth L. Caputo,
Certified Life Coach and Transformational Trainer

If there is someone that knows how to connect, inspire and empower others is Michael. I got to experience first-hand his coaching in my development as a coach and transformational trainer.  The depth, insight, bold, and caring ways in which Michael would support me in confronting my limiting beliefs were key and fundamental to my success as a professional and most of all in claiming my joy and love for life while being in service to others. Michael took a stand for me in every single way with leadership mastery, powerful and effective communication, and being an example of a true leader and integrity. I got clear through him what “being on someone’s team” truly means.

Michael took a stand for my life when I needed it the most. I got clarity about my vision and goals as well as focus on what really matters to me. I was able to move forward with my career as a coach and trainer with his guidance and he was the best example of inspiration, empowerment, integrity, and love for transformation in this world. On top of that, I cleared off limiting beliefs about myself, and was able to step into a joyful and fulfilled life and then meeting one of his best friend’s and finding the love of my life and creating a beautiful family that was not going to be possible if it wasn’t for Michael’s vision and commitment to my dreams. If you want to experience what is to be cared for and have someone on your team, find every way to listen, talk or read what Michael has to say.

Jenna Phillips Ballard,
Nutritionist, Trainer, Coach and Philosopher

There are leaders who create followers, while there are leaders who empower other leaders. Michael Strasner is one of those leaders who eats, sleeps, drinks, and breaths inspiration. He plows through the walls that keep people from having a limitless life. Quite simply, he’s like a Love Ninja Jedi Mind Trick Guru. His masterful ways of bringing anyone’s authentic self back to life is probably just a part of his DNA. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he invented DNA. Or a time machine. Or the solution to global warming. He’s that magical. Michael evokes one’s deepest truths and shatters the shackles of the ego mind, all in the name of tough love. His commitment to healing this world by impacting the life of one human at a time has created a ripple effect that will forever continue to expand. The leaders that he inspires on a daily basis are passionately forwarding Michael’s legacy. The difference he has made in my life has healed my family, brought me closer to my soul mate, catapulted me into reaching a bigger audience all over the world, and shaped me into being a keynote speaker.

I clearly have two lives: the one I had before I met Michael Strasner, and the powerful, abundant, and incredible life I’ve had since meeting him. I’m forever grateful for how authentically he walks his talk, and I’ll always be tied as his number one fan with the hundreds of thousands of other people who also think they are his number one fan.

Ben Whitehair,
Actor & Entrepreneur, Albino Rabbit, Inc.

There is my life before the day I met Michael Strasner, and my life after. Michael Strasner has dramatically altered the course of my life–and my family’s–for the better. Perhaps most inspiring are the thousands of people who can say the same, and the millions whose lives he has bettered who don’t even know that the ripple effect started with him. Michael not only coaches excellence, but he lives with integrity, honor, and passion every day. If I find myself with a moral quandary, important business decision, or even the simplest relationship question I ask myself: What would Michael Strasner do?

Larry Strasner,
Entrepreneur and Michael’s brother

As Michael’s older brother, I’ve been a keen observer of the impact that he has had on his wife, his children, our family, and our mutual friends. To be succinct, Michael is his word–he is completely committed to being supportive, loving, and engaging with all who know him. Michael is the proper balance between vulnerability and strength, and his family and friends have relied on him for input, advice, and a listening ear over many the years. Michael has overcome many obstacles and come out a total winner, and he will show you that you can, too. Read his books. Michael’s story and coaching advice will leap off the pages and you will never be the same.

Kevin W. Bedwell,

Living on the Skinny Branches is a must read for anyone who is associated with the transformational education industry. Not only does Michael Strasner guide you back through your journey, he shares his journey with you, all the while inviting you to a level of accomplishment, empowerment, and achievement you may not have experienced in your life.  After reading only a few chapters I was powerfully inspired to take committed action in at least three areas of my life I’d been ignoring. You will make a new friend in Michael Strasner just by reading this book. A friend who cares very deeply about you, your life, and the future you want to have.

Ganesh Kalyanaraman,
Global Immigration Attorney & Level 2 CQ (Cultural Intelligence) Trainer
Dr. Sheena Maharaj,
Pediatric Pulmonologist; Capital Allergy and Respiratory Center, Affiliated with Sutter Health

Emotional intelligence is at the cornerstone of creating extraordinary results in our personal and professional lives. Michael Strasner’s coaching and trainings in this domain have been an integral part in supporting us in effectively communicating with each other without taking our concerns personally and without making the other spouse wrong. He has not only coached and trained both of us, but also many of our family members. He really took our blinders off! Although both of our jobs are demanding, through the work we have done with Michael we are able to understand each other on a new level. We now calmly express our concerns to each other, make requests, and support each other by using the tools and common language Michael has taught us. We are now able to look at things from the other person’s perspective. Essentially nothing blows up between us! He has always been there for us; offering coaching, guidance and opening our hidden potential. The impact MIchael Strasner has made in our lives can be felt with our patients and clients. We are truly in service of those we serve.

Henry Wischmeyer,
President/CEO, Global Recovery Village

As a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis and having served in the Navy, as well as working in a Fortune 40 corporation, I knew I had received very powerful leadership and management skills. I thought I had learned it all. Wow, was I wrong.

As a result of the work I did with Michael Strasner, I discovered my true vision and launched into action to development of a non-profit business called Global Recovery Village, which serves recovering addicts and their loved ones around the world. Now I lead–not only with my head and mind–but with my heart. I have Michael to thank as we impact tens of thousands of people. Michael is my hero!
– Austin, Texas

Pamela H. Liston,
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Michael is a man on fire for the transformation of lives. His experience with the human experience provides acute ability to speak into aspects of personality and behavior that hold people back from living extraordinary lives. Michael’s work has been a great value in my life, and I encourage others to hear his message.
– Dallas, Texas

Courtney Lord,
Lord & Associates

As the owner and leader of a small company who wanted to improve his management and leadership qualities, I was introduced to Michael Strasner, who I engaged to help us in this endeavor. Michael was not only instrumental in helping us understand our business and how we conduct ourselves more effectively both internally and externally, but became a friend.  As a friend, he also helped me through issues I was having in my personal life.  His counsel was an extraordinary gift.
– Miami

Bernie Nathan,
IBM, Sprint, Owner M3 Education, Business Account Manager, Apple Corporation

Michael brings intelligence, insight, courage and humor to his coaching work. His ability to cut through people’s “stories” and support them in creating what they truly want, is uncanny.
Absolutely buy the book and benefit from his wisdom.
– Texas